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    Aligning Opportunity with Government Requirements

    The US Department of Defense has significantly increased its investments in Science and Technology (S&T) to the highest levels ever.  The new budget of over $22 billion is an increase of more than 18%.  This budget underlines the commitment to maintaining technology superiority and preparing for emerging global threats.  These investments align with the strategic objectives of the National Defense Strategy and are designed to drive innovation in critical technology areas.  

    The Gram Group has identified a range of technology segments that we believe are aligned with the National Defense Strategy.    If your organization is engaging in developing technology in any of the areas outlined below please reach out so that we can start a discussion to learn more.  

    Space Tech

    Space Tech with a priority on technologies that  enhance the US space position to counter adversary advancements and protect US Space assets.   


    Technologies that strengthen the cyber capabilities and resiliency necessary to protect and maintain the US technology edge in cyberspace. 

    AI / ML

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML): Development and adoption of AI/ML to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of US forces.


    Advancements in quantum computing, sensing, and networking to secure communications and enhance operational capabilities.


    Development of unmanned technologies, both hardware and software, that can be applied to military operations.  


    Technologies that can be applied both offensively and defensively in the hypersonic arena.  

    Deep Tech

    Gram is always interested in learning about new technologies and helping to determine how they apply to US Defense and Intelligence.  

    Defense & Intelligence Overview

    There has never been a better time for technology companies to access the Department of Defense. The 2024 US Defense budget places emphasis on making the department a smarter and more agile consumer of innovative technology and speeding up the development and acquisition of innovative products and capabilities. 

    To bring these innovative technologies to the US Defense and Intelligence Agencies, a thoughtful commercial strategy is essential.  Defense and Intelligence buyers have unique needs and a unique language that demand an approach tailored to their mission requirements and procurement processes.  By understanding key government challenges and mapping commercial solutions, companies can demonstrate the value of their innovations and become integral partners.  

    With decades of experience and technical expertise, The Gram Group is uniquely positioned to help your company craft a strategy aligned with government needs.  We facilitate relationships across defense and intel networks, provide insight into top priorities and help position your capabilities as mission-critical.  Whether pioneering new technologies or adapting commercial platforms, Gram can map your solutions to real gaps and opportunities.  Let us chart your course to make a true impact and contribution through engagement with US defense and intelligence communities.  

    Defense & Intelligence Experience

    The Gram team has a broad and long history of guided strategy and operations at the highest levels across the US Defense and Intelligence Agencies.  We deeply understand mission critical requirements and how to align innovative technologies to mission priorities.  This insider leadership perspective gives us unique insight to help companies effectively position solutions and forge partnerships across the US defense and intelligence security community.  


    The US Department of Defense


    US Air Force


    US Navy


    US Army




    The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


    Department of Homeland Security


    US Secret Service


    Defense Intelligence Agency

    Space Tech Overview

    With the rapid growth in the private space industry, it's imperative that emerging US and foreign space tech companies establish a strong US presence to compete and thrive.  As the leader in space technology and exploration, America represents nearly 58% of the total government space investment globally. 

    Establishing a US foothold provides vital benefits including easier access to customers like NASA and the DoD through relationship building, navigating regulations and policymakers, capital and financing from Silicon Valley investors, and exceptional aerospace engineering talent from top universities. With the US dominating the ecosystem and resources for innovation, foreign companies must tap into these advantages.

    Crafting an optimal strategy is crucial. The Gram Group partners with each client to define objectives, tailor strategic plans, and define those tactical steps necessary to ensure your endeavors to expand into the US market are aligned with desired outcomes and grounded in the realities of this business environment.

    Space Tech Experience

    Our team has been privileged to partner with some of the most innovative companies in the space industry.  Our clients are at the forefront of space exploration, earth observation, propulsion, system integration, satellite communication and other domains.  We've leveraged our expertise in regulation, market entry, partnerships and growth strategy to help ambitious space companies succeed in the US and globally.  

    Space Tech

    Pixxel Space

    Space Tech


    Space Tech

    Loft Orbital

    Space Tech


    Space Tech


    Space Tech

    Blue Origin

    Space Tech


    Space Tech


    Space Tech


    Our Team

    The Gram team has had the great fortune of having leadership roles in some of the most important US government organizations and commercial companies the US has to offer.  Our Board and Senior Advisors consist of leaders from the US Secret Service, US Homeland Security, US Navy, US Air Force, CIA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, AWS, Apple, Siemens, Shell and more.  

    Let our team help with gudiance on engineering validation, product positioning, manufacturing capability,
    recruitment, and capital planning to prepare your company to address the needs of US Defense and Security.  

    Stephanie Koster

    CEO and Co-founder

    Stephen T. Sargeant

    Operating Partner

    Mark Bauman 

    Operating Partner

    Jack Johnson

    Operating Partner

    John F. Weigold 

    Operating Partner

    Theresa L. (Terry) Jester

    Operating Partner

    Steve Finder

    Executive Chairman and Co-Founder

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