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    Stephen Sargeant

    Stephen T. "Steve" Sargeant served for nearly 34 years in the US Air Force, retiring as a Major General in 2011. His distinguished military career included serving many critical roles including Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Defense, Commandant of the USAF Weapons School, Commander of the 8th and 56th Fighter Wings, Deputy Executive Secretary to the National Security Council, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Plans, and Assessment for CJTF-7/MNF in Iraq, Deputy Chief of Staff for the UNC and US Forces in Korea, and culminated his career in the acquisition community as the Commander of the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Command until the F-35 was ready to begin maintenance and flying operations.

    General Sargeant currently serves as the CEO of Marvin Test Solutions, and Vice President of The Marvin Group for Strategic Development where he passionately leads the MTS Team in meeting defense, aerospace, and semiconductor organizations’ requirements globally with innovative and highly-effective solutions.

    Steve also serves as Board Member for 2 aerospace and defense startups, Board Advisor to a dual-use focused fund, and Advisor to more than 6 aerospace and defense startups and has assisted all with strategic planning, investors, talent acquisition, and business development.

    Beginning in the Cold War, General Sargeant flew the A-10 and F-16 fighter aircraft throughout his career after graduating from the USAF Academy where he majored in National Security.

    Later he obtained a Masters of Aeronautical Science and MBA in Aviation from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, served as the USAF Military Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and attended two Harvard University Kennedy School multiweek/multinational Senior Leaders in Government and National Security courses. He is a member of BENS, CFR, NDIA, and US military Service organizations, e.g., AFA, NGAUS, etc.; Trustee of the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC. Previously, served as Chairman of the Board of the Bob Hope USO and the USO West Region serving the Total Force and their families.